Ways to Win Lots of Money in Black Jack

Blackjack is the most played game in the world where players and dealers compare cards to each other. Yet, not only is Black Jack fun, it is also a door to big cash, if you know the ways to win lots of money in Black Jack game. What are they anyway?

Ways to Win Lots of Money in Black Jack

#1 Bring Your Basic Knowledge to the Next Level

If you think you already master the basic strategy of playing Black Jack, now you need to move to the next level of the strategy mastering process. It is card-counting mastery. The importance of mastering this strategy is to make you a consistent winner in the long run, not only a winner once in a while.

This strategy has been proven to be the key of winning millions of dollar for many players on Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. In the card counting, you as the player are able to bet with less risk and more advantage. Besides, by counting card, you are able to decrease the possibility of losing when you think you just get unwanted count. Last but not least, the advantage of doing card counting is the possibility to swift your strategy or decisions by referring to the remaining cards.

#2 Know When You Need to Walk Away

The next thing you need to bear in mind is knowing the right time to walk away from the table you are playing at. Be a walk away winner. Some players are very excellent at playing Blackjack and they have won big cash. Unfortunately, they do not know when they have to leave the table with a profit, resulting in losing money again and again. Don’t be trapped in the losing pattern!

#3 Get Rid of Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM)

 Have you ever seen or even played Black Jack with CSM? Instead of being shuffled manually by the dealers’ hands, the cards are randomly shuffled by the machine. It is faster though, but it widens your possibility of losing if you cannot keep up with the game.

Nowadays, many casinos use this machine and then claim that this machine can speed up the game and make the game runs more efficient. If you are at the peak of your excitement to the game, this machine can lead you to bad situation. As the card shuffling can be done faster, the number of hands dealt per hour is getting higher. You can absolutely guess what is next. Yup! The more the hands are dealt, the more the players’ bankrolls are used, and of course the more the hourly loss happens.

No matter how advanced a player is, some of them may need to take a slower pace in playing the game. If you think you are one of them, go leave the table and find the ones with manually shuffled cards.

The ways to win lots of money in Black Jack doesn’t only come from a big thing (like mastering certain strategy). It also comes from the small things happening around the table and a quick response to make a change. So, which ways have you applied so far? And which one have you often missed?

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