Top 5 Online Slot Games by BETSOFT Game Provider

Top 5 Online Slot Games by BETSOFT Game Provider
Top 5 Online Slot Games by BETSOFT Game Provider

Craving for slot games but don’t know which games that you should choose? Then, you should go to BETSOFT provider? Why? Because this provider makes the best slot games. What are the best games from this provider? Let’s take a sneak peek to Top 5 Online Slot Games by BETSOFT Game Provider.

Top 5 Online Slot Games by BETSOFT Game Provider

Top 5 Online Slot Games by BETSOFT Game Provider

Top 5 Online Slot Games by BETSOFT Game Provider

BETSOFT Game Provider

Who doesn’t know this slot game provider? BETSOFT is a well-known slot provider and they seem to provide a hundred games to satisfy their loyal players. The graphics quality is the top one and you can play the smooth game just like playing a high-quality game.

Where to play the games from this provider? For you Malaysian bettors, you can access E-gamesqq882 Malaysia’s Trusted and Leading Online Slot Betting Website if you want to play the slots from this provider. And a little secret for you, this site has the biggest jackpot, especially for the progressive jackpot. Interesting, isn’t it? So you know where exactly to play the slot games from BETSOFT, aren’t you?

Top 5 Online Slot Games

If you are confused in choosing online slot game from this providers, here are five top slot games that you can choose.

  • Dragon Kings Slot Games

If you like this mystical creature, especially the Chinese version of a dragon, then you can play this game for sure. This game has several levels of the jackpot that you can get such as bronze, silver, gold, and diamond; the highest one is, of course, the diamond.

This game is a progressive slot so you can stack up your jackpot in order to get multiplied the amount of jackpot. There are five reels and 10 paylines that you can choose to place your bet.

  • Ogre Empire

Ogre maybe an ugly creature, but ogre is smart when it comes to gathering the treasure, so what you can expect from this game is that you can get a big amount of jackpot, as many as ogre’s treasure is.

There are five reels with 25 payline for you. You can choose the payline or place the bet in all of those paylines to ensure your win. Although this game is a non-progressive slot, you can still get into the bonus game so you can get more than just your jackpot.

  • Jumbo Joker

If you know how ridiculous the joker is, this joker will not ridicule you. This joker will give you the jumbo jackpot. Just choose the max bet so you can experience getting the jumbo jackpot.

  • Fire & Steel

A fan of fiction? Then you will be so pleased when you play this game. Taking a Middle Ages background, this slot game will bring you the glory just like when a knight can slay his enemies.

  • Reels of Wealth

What do you expect from this game? Of course, you will hope that the reels will make you wealthy. This will happen to you, indeed. You can get more jackpot since this game is progressive slot and even you can get four more different jackpot in the bonus game.


Wow! Those top 5 online slot games by BETSOFT game provider are so cool. Which one do you want to choose? Whatever game that you choose, just play the games by BETSOFT you will never be disappointed. Keep playing slots and gain the jackpot!

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