Tennis Points Spread Online Betting How Does This Work?

Tennis Points Spread Online Betting How Does This Work?
Tennis Points Spread Online Betting How Does This Work?

In all types of sports, there are two ways to wager. You can place a bet on the player that s/he will win the game. Tennis points spread online betting how does this work? This is known as betting the money line. Another way for tennis betting is to bet the spread.

Betting the spread in Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets on Tennis involves two different betting lines namely ‘Game Line’ and ‘Set Line.’ Being familiar with working of betting spreads is an advantage; however, if you are new to points spread online betting in Tennis, here is the brief introduction and explanation of points spread.

Game Line in Tennis Online Spread Betting

Betting involves putting wager on the player to perform as or better than expected. The betting odds are calculated by in-depth analysis by bookmaker and is shown on an odds table. It isn’t necessary that the bet is won only when the player wins. In fact, it depends on his/her performance according to the spread.

The player entering the game as favorite must win more games than the underdog. The spread tells how many games must be won by the favorite in order to cover the spread against the underdog to let the better win. Similarly, if bets are placed on the underdog, he may lose the game but the number of games lost must be within the spread.

This phenomenon is known as covering the spread. This is further explained by The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia. For instance, you might see the following for the upcoming tennis match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Federer -2.5 Nadal +2.5 @ 1.20.

Tennis Points Spread Online Betting How Does This Work?

Tennis Points Spread Online Betting How Does This Work?

Spread Betting Example

Wagering on Federer means that he must win 3 more games than Nadal for you to win your bet. This is done by adding up all the games won by the winner and comparing with the other. Similarly, Nadal might have lost the game but his game total plus 2.5 must be greater than the total games won by Federer.

Total of games won by Federer are 18 (6+5+7) and that by Nadal are 15 (3+7+5). Based on the spread, you will win your bet on Federer and lose your bet on Nadal. You will lose your bet on Federer because his game total minus 2.5 (18-2.5=15.5) is greater than the game total of Nadal.

This means, Federer has covered the spread. On the other hand, Nadal’s game total plus 2.5 (15+2.5=17.5) is unable to cover the spread. Therefore, it only depends upon the number of games being won and whether the difference covers the spread or not.

Set Line Spread Online Betting

Another way to work out the spread is to focus on number of sets instead of number of games being won. Tennis matches usually comprise three sets. For matches based on three sets, the set spread can be +1.5. This shows that if the favorite wins all the three sets, only then you can win your bet.

On the other hand, if you place your bet on the underdog, then the underdog must win at least one set. This betting set spread is unique to Tennis at The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. However, the set line technique might be tricky if the match has five sets instead of three.

It is also possible the same tournament may have matches with +1.5 set line and other with +2.5 set line. Further, if there is a very good chance of the favorite to win, then the set line may have both odds and the handicap.


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