How Multipliers Work In Slot Games

Online slot games are amongst the most prominent and played games on the internet especially in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. Slot games can either be played with virtual money or real money, the latter of which must be deposited by you. Developers of slot games introduce new features to the games regularly, to help maintain the interest of existing players and attract new players as well. These features may be new types of bonuses, a new game type, etc. Multipliers are such features and are popular amongst all players. This is as they provide the player a way to multiply his total earnings and can lead to big winnings. This article explains how multipliers work in slot games and the different types of multipliers that exist.

How Multipliers Work In Slot Games

As mentioned above, multipliers are highly common features that are sought-after by most players. A multiplier increases the size of your total winnings. The mechanism of multipliers is fairly simple: once a multiplier of a particular value has been triggered, your total winnings would be multiplied by that particular value. For example, if a 3x multiplier has been prompted, the total amount won would be tripled. The lowest value a multiplier may have is 2x and the value of a multiplier can go as high as 5000x for some games. Multipliers can be distinguished into 5 different types based on how they work and these types are discussed below.

Types of Multipliers

In general, there exist five different types of multipliers. These are:

  • Base Play Multipliers: Base play multipliers are uncommon to find. However, they do exist for some slots. The limitation with a base play multiplier is that they will work on successful pay-lines only.
  • Wild Multipliers: It is common for a symbol that acts as a wild icon to double as a multiplier as well. Wild icons would substitute as any other icon and wild multipliers would further multiply your total winnings. Thus, wild multipliers are very beneficial.
  • Free Spins Multipliers: Most slot games would offer free spin multipliers to each user. Numerous developers would want free spins to seem different and hence, would introduce different symbols and icons in free spins. Some slots would require you to select a multiplier from hidden icons which gives you the chance to get huge multiplier bonuses. Along with this, choosing the multiplier you get will also give you some sense of interaction with the final outcome of play.
  • Scattered Multipliers: Scattered multipliers are similar in principle to wild multipliers. A scatter icon or symbol would double up as a multiplier as well. However, in contrast to wild multipliers, where the wild icon needs to be on a line, scatter multipliers would be triggered even if they appear anywhere on the screen. Some slot games would consist of both scattered and wild multipliers; however, these would mostly be offered only on free or bonus games.
  • Wins vs Bets Multipliers: Some multipliers would carryover your winnings while some would work on the wager you’ve placed. Your bet can be lower than your total winnings and vice versa. Hence, both types can be rewarding and you have to decide which type would suit you better, based on your winnings and eventual bet.

Are Slot Games with Multipliers Recommended?

As multipliers increase your winnings by a great amount, they are great features for any slot game to possess. The best slot games would have multipliers that go as high as 1000x and/or 5000x. Such slot games would have numerous types of multipliers as well, to attract more players. Thus, it is highly recommended to play slot games that offer numerous multipliers as that would increase the value of your winnings significantly.

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